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  • Elements of buffalo leather
  • Wild clean urban appeal
  • Unique style
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compagnon "the backpack" groen - lichtbruin

The backpack – compagnon on two shoulders

In those dark metropolitan canyons during the early hours of the day or on a mountain lake’s shore line at sundown there are wonderful things to explore. In these moments you need to be prepared for anything and everything. Once you’re not, that perfect picture or that successful morning meeting with your boss might go out the window.

  • With the new compagnon backpack however, you’re all set.

The design of our new camera backpack introduces your shoulders to an entirely new, really unique style.
The backpack doesn’t try to hide what he was built for: There is no outdoor activity, travel plan or daily commute he wouldn’t love to be a part of. No matter if you’re roaming the mountains or a coast line. What’s special about the compagnon photo backpack is its versatility. He’s got to ability to blend into the buzzing life of the city. By being practical and mixing his outdoor style with a wild & clean urban appeal, he draws appreciating nods even during an underground ride through any global fashion capital of your choice.

  • Genuine compagnon quality in an all new outfit…

All those details our fans and customers are loving about their compagnon remained in the backpack’s design concept. For example, its floor is still well padded and rigid, making sure it always stands upright, just like his brothers and sisters always do. When it comes to the material we stuck with our beloved buffalo leather, which provides the protection for the contents and keeps the backpack from harm as well. We kept following our mantra to exclusively use materials we’d be able to trust for decades. The backpack is made from real Scottish waxed canvas, which, just as on our canvas messenger bags, is about twice as thick as commonly used on other products.  You’ll feel the difference immediately. Our reason for using this canvas to blend with out buffalo leather is its ability to retain a similar patina over the years of use. This way the entire bag provides the compagnon pull-up effect, resulting in a truly unique bag that becomes more and more alive by your side. Since it feels and smells like nothing else, the entire back panel, the padded shoulder straps, the finger strap, the mesh pockets on the inside and all those little design elements are made from compagnon buffalo leather. Obviously, the waxed canvas as well as the leather are weather resistant. For this reason all zippers on the outside shell of the camera bag are also waterproof. You don’t need to fear any cloudburst and don’t need to pull a rain shell over him while you’re getting drenched, either. We wouldn’t let the rest of the design down by picking second best in other aspects: All threading plates, locks, hooks etc. are made from solid steel. The main buckle on the rolltop is a COBRA by AustriAlpin Tirol/Austria. This steel clasp will endure up to 18kN of pull, however it can still be operated with just two fingers in less than a second. The nylon straps and belts meet military standards in sturdiness and tear resistance.

  • We made sure the compagnon backpack became a fully fledged photo and video backpack.

He boasts all the functionality and conveniences, his creative users demand and deserve. His main storage can be customized in a sheer unfathomable number of options. The backpack comes with 2 large, doubly bendable velcro pads and 8 compact padded partitions. No matter what your requirements are or what you’re equipment consists of: You can either create compartments for 2 fullframe DSLRs with lenses attached and add another 3 lenses and/or an off-camera flash or you set yourself for some video work, using maybe a Canon C300, a Sony FS700 or something similar. If your camera is more compact you might get close to 10 lenses (depending size) into our new boy. To make sure all your gear is safe and protected, even all the little stuff like transmitters, filters, flashes etc., we added 10 velcro buffalo leather straps that can be positioned wherever you need them to make sure nothing moves about. Speaking of the velcro velours lining, the renowned quality remained identical to all our previous bags.

  • More often than not, the little things make a big difference…

For this reason alone we focused on doing the little things perfectly. The backpack not only 5 differently sized mesh pockets, that are ideal for keeping traveling documents, cash, your smartphone, keys, batteries, filters etc. well organized. Two of these pockets can be positioned and removed according to your needs. So, when push comes to shove you always have got a little pocket-sized wallet for those things with you. The same thing goes for the memory card holder, which features marked slots to distinguish full cards from empty ones. When it’s time to assess the quality of your results, you’ve got everything with you, no matter where you are. The padded 15? laptop compartment is ideal for e.g. a Macbook Pro. Additionally, there is room for a case binder and a tablet. To keep those things in place even if you turn the bag over, a push-down leather strap holds those valuable tools inside.

  • As becomes a photographer or filmmaker, the necessary equipment does not stop there…

For this reason the bottom of our camera backpack features 2 holding loops for a tripod. If you need to keep things extra steady, there are two more fixing straps on the right side of the bag.  These are exceptionally versatile and will keep various things ready. The classy rolltop is not merely a design feature that’s supposed to look stylish. The partition between the bottom of the rolltop and the main storage can be removed quickly, resulting in the option to load even bigger equipment. Otherwise the rolltop offers space for a coat or jacket, dry clothes, shoes, filming utensils and so on. To make sure no rain will find its way inside even if you only fold the top over once, we fitted the seam with 8 magnets that snap the opening shut without any effort.

  • To be creative, you have to be agile and nimble. This way you’ll find the best angles and ideal framing.

Just like any other compagnon the backpack wants to be your best friend for life and be handy in any situation. His comfortably padded shoulder straps from natural buffalo leather feel fantastic and lets you carry your friend easily. The adjustable chest strap as well as the optional waistbelt keep him close to you so you can yoga around with your camera, break land speed records on your bicycle or climb up daunting cliffs. This compagnon’s got your back, literally!

  • This dapper camera backpack is welcome on all levels, besides being handy and tough…

But its not limited to being your compagnon during a photo shoot at all. Starting with our first model, compagnons were used for all tasks imaginable for a transporting solution. The new backpack only adds to this fact, as you will see. Meanwhile, it masters the key feature for any compagnon: Its look is highly understated, neither on the first nor on the second glance it could be recognized as a camera bag. This kind of passive security doesn’t attract thieves in the first place. Your valuable equipment can’t be accessed from the front of the backpack either. Even your motif will first notice the camera when its shutter release is clicking. By the way, your new best friend relieves you of that tourist appeal that might be the reason for doors being slammed in your face in some places.

  • Some days you have to leave your camera behind…

Or you might just take it along out of spite while going about your business and everyday duty. That’s fine for your best friend. It turns into your personal office day manager in seconds. Deadlines, appointments, meetings. Don’t you make it especially tough on you by re-coloring your important work files with the assistance of a tipped coffee mug. Lunchbox, laptop, tablet, documents and the evil coffee mug… they all remain in their places. You need to catch that train connection? Go for it, your compagnon backpack will take care of the rest

  • It’s a wild world we live in…

Whenever the wild is calling for you or your dream photo is more than a day’s walk away, you can count on your compagnon photo backpack. In his holding loops on the bottom and the right side there is always room for a camping mat and a compact sleeping bag. Dry clothes and backup shoes can be stored in the rolltop. Even if you take a little camping stove, you don’t need to leave your DSLR or mirrorless camera behind. The wild might tackle you, but you’d be able to tackle back anytime. With your compagnon.



compagnon "the backpack" groen - lichtbruin

Example loading for Photo/Video action:

** 2 full frame DSLR Bodies
** ca. 6 lenses (standing upright, for lenses up to 16cm height)
** 1-2 off-camera flashes
** 15? Macbook Pro
** small filter stack or 2 transmitters
** 2 tripods in the holding loops outside
** Chargers, (multi-)camera straps  and wires in the rolltop
** Countless memory cards or external drives
** Various small parts in dedicated mesh pockets
** Valuables & essentials like smartphone, wallet, keys, etc.

The compagnon backpack in numbers:
Weight: ca. 2.0 kg.
Dimensions main storage (inside measure): ca. 15.8in (Height) x 12in (Width) x 6.2in (Depth)
Storage measurements inside the rolltop (inside measure): max. 12in (Height) x 12in (Width)

compagnon "the backpack" groen - lichtbruin
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compagnon "the backpack" groen - lichtbruin
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compagnon "the backpack" groen - lichtbruin

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