ProMediaGear Flash Bracket Boomerang BG zwart

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BBGv2 is The Flash Bracket designed for Cameras with Grip, like a Canon 1Dx, or Nikon D4s, D4, or cameras with optional grips battery packs like Canon 5D, 6D, or Nikon D810, D750. We currently offer custom Plates for either built-in or optional grips for Canon,…

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ProMediaGear Flash Bracket Boomerang BG zwart

Flash Bracket Boomerang BG by ProMediaGear

  • Perfect companion for Profoto B2 flash heads.  Configure with custom adapter for B2 #BLSA sold separately
  • Improves bounce flash photography as flash remains upright in portrait shooting
  • Rotates flash 90 degrees around lens for portrait and landscape photography eliminating subject side shadows
  • Fold-Away Integrated KICK Stand keeps the camera stable on flat surfaces.
  • Folding system allows you to adjust or fold the bracket with an allen wrench for easy storage and transportation.
  • Rotation system uses precision bearings to provide smooth movement
  • Aircraft Quality Aluminum T6061 - very light and strong
  • Lightweight, under 18 oz. - depending on configuration
  • Made in U.S.A CNC precision  machined construction
  • 30-day money back guarantee with free shipping in the United States. Buy it today, if you don't like it simply contact us and we'll refund all charges and even pay for return shipping,

BBGv2 is The Flash Bracket designed for Cameras with Grip, like a Canon 1Dx, or Nikon D4s, D4, or cameras with optional grips battery packs like Canon 5D, 6D, or Nikon D810, D750.  

We currently offer custom Plates for either built-in or optional grips for Canon, Nikon, and Sony, please make a selection from the drop down menu.  The Flash Bracket can be used with any camera not on the list when you select a Universal Plate.  All the plates are Arca-Swiss, Really Right Stuff compatible.  If you need a flash bracket for camera without grip, like Canon 5D body, or Nikon D810 body then look for BBX model below in related items.

The ProMediaGear Boomerang flash bracket is designed to give you the ultimate flexibility and ease of use.  Made out of Titanium and Aluminum alloys it's probably the most advanced bracket on the market.  Modular design allows adding components and configurations to match photographers shooting styles and needs.

A flash bracket enables the flash or speed-light to be over the lens/camera at all times.  This is especially useful when shooting portraits as the side shadow of the subject is eliminated.  If you're shooting events, or weddings where time is crucial and you only have seconds to get a perfect shots there is no replacement for reliable flash bracket.  With Flash Bracket you will always get good lighting even when there is nothing around to bounce the flash.

The Boomerang flash bracket follows minimalist ideas where compactness and unobtrusive design, make it a joy to operate.  You can flip the flash from horizontal to vertical in a snap.   Additional accessories can be attached, like L-Brackets, Handles.

Our unique rotating system locks the flash at a 90 degree position so that the flash remains upright above the lens at a fixed desired position at all times. The bracket is so small and lightweight that you can hold your camera comfortably in the right hand as if no bracket was attached and operate the bracket with your left hand if you want to change flash position. With a high precision manufacturing process and use of rotation bearings this bracket is virtually maintenance free. The Boomerang flash bracket mounts to the camera body using a ProMediaGear Arca-Swiss type & anti-twist  custom or universal plate.
ProMediaGear Flash Bracket Boomerang BG zwart
ProMediaGear Flash Bracket Boomerang BG zwart
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ProMediaGear Flash Bracket Boomerang BG zwart
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ProMediaGear Flash Bracket Boomerang BG zwart

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ProMediaGear Flash Bracket Boomerang BG zwart
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